About Contract Rights

 Contract rights are rights granted through a valid contract (agreement), which can be written or oral. Common types of contracts include shareholder contracts, government contracts, and service contracts involving consumers, contractors or employees. Employees commonly have general-employment contracts, severance contracts, non-compete contracts or wage contracts (e.g. bonus, commission, or deferred compensation terms in documents or spoken agreements).

Aside from commonly-known contracts like those above, contracts can often be formed via bylaws, policies, employee handbooks, emails and other documents or spoken words that people often don’t realize can establish contract rights.


Legal Help for Your Contract Rights

If you believe your contract rights have been violated by a large organization, we may be able to help you obtain compensation. We handle a wide range of contract rights cases, including:

  • Business & Shareholder Contracts
  • Employment Contracts, e.g. Severance, Wage or Non-Compete Contracts
  • Consumer Contracts
  • Government Contracts & Subcontracts
  • Class Actions

DVG attorney Michael Brown has successfully represented clients with high-stakes contract disputes. Your contract matter may need a short-term legal boost to complete a negotiation, or longer-term assistance with litigation, from the point of filing a complaint through the point of trial or appellate work if necessary. We will assess and recommend a best course of action in your particular case and vigorously seek the best possible legal results and compensation. And we do this in a cost-effective manner, which typically includes contingency-fee or other fee options in which we agree to assume financial risk and make most or all our fees dependent on a positive outcome being reached.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case. We welcome the opportunity to help bring your dispute to a successful outcome.