Our Firms’ Negotiation & Litigation Services for USG Contractors

DVG Law Partner attorney Michael Brown, along with attorney Vonda Vandaveer (of V.K. Vandaveer P.L.L.C. in Washington, DC), work together to represent clients who are contractors and subcontractors for U.S. Government contracts.

Our firms have helped contractor-clients, from the U.S. and internationally, work through disputes and achieve great success in negotiations and litigation.

We provide our contractor-clients with fee options that are flexible, affordable and have limited out-of-pocket fees compared to what other litigation lawyers typically charge.  Many of our client-cases have contingency- and reduced- fee arrangements; often, most our legal fees are paid by the opponent if our clients win or reach financial settlement.

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Bio, Attorney Vonda Vandaveer

Attorney Vonda Vandaveer has lived and worked in the United States, the Middle East (most recently Afghanistan), North Africa, and the Balkans, representing clients in their U.S. government contracting efforts.  Ms. Vandaveer has worked in both the private and government sectors.

Ms. Vandaveer provides legal representation to contractors of the U.S. government for a variety of matters, including contractors’ in-house compliance questions and issues, contract claims, litigation and appeals.

She has been a member of American Bar Association (ABA), has served as Vice-Chair of the ABA’s Humanitarian Law Committee of the Section of International Law, and has been published in the ABA’s publications Middle East Commercial Law Developments and International Lawyer.

Attorney Vandaveer’s practice also includes immigration matters, including assistance for those seeking visas to the United States for business, employment and family. She has received professional training in consular processing at the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute and has performed consular services at a U.S. embassy overseas.

Prior to earning her law degree and license, Ms. Vandaveer worked for 10 years as a journalist on the east and west coasts of the United States, winning awards for her news coverage.

Ms. Vandaveer earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine and her law degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

Bio, Attorney Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a contract-rights attorney at DVG Law Partner LLC, and represents clients in the United States and internationally. Mr. Brown has helped numerous contractor-clients achieve successful results, and has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine as a “Rising Star.”

Mr. Brown’s legal practice focuses on litigation, including U.S. government contractor litigation.  He has represented clients of diverse backgrounds in many legal forums, spanning from administrative hearings to federal trial and appellate work.

Mr. Brown’s legal work experience includes positions with large corporate and public organizations, and work on complex legal compliance and contracting issues.  His clients have ranged from individuals, to small and large entities both public and private.

Mr. Brown earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin in 2002.