About WI Shareholder Rights; Legal Help

Ownership interest in a privately owned business is often disproportionately concentrated with a single person or small group of persons (the majority). At times, the majority owner(s) misuses this influence or role in company affairs, or has conflicts of interest, which inflict harm or financial loss upon the minority owner(s) and/or the company.

If you are a minority owner in a company (e.g. minority shareholder, LLC member/owner) and the majority owner(s) treated you unfairly and caused financial harm, you have rights. DVG Law Partner LLC is here to fight for your rights and obtain compensation for financial damages. We can help you in shareholder or ownership disputes involving the following areas:

  • Laws providing financial recourse and other relief for oppressive or illegal acts by majority owner(s) or the company. These include breach of fiduciary duty law, and laws providing for dissolution, appointment of a receiver, forced stock sale, or other relief to address the wrongful acts
  • Breach of contract law (including law recognizing shareholder agreements, bylaws, spoken agreements, etc. as contracts)
  • Fraud or misrepresentation law
  • Conversion or related civil statutory claims
  • Civil claims relating to unfair trade or business practices, tortious interference, misuses of information, privacy violations and/or defamation
  • Certain employment law claims, such as wrongful discharge, whistleblower retaliation or discrimination
  • Equitable claims such as unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, etc.

DVG Attorney Michael Brown has represented minority shareholders in high-stakes disputes. He understands the multifaceted dynamics of shareholder rights disputes and employs his experience and knowledge of the law to resolve such cases through negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Michael has helped numerous minority shareholders reach successful resolutions, including seven-figure financial outcomes, thereby putting an end to long-disputed issues.

You can learn more about shareholder rights by watching Michael’s video and reading his article. Or, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.