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If you received a severance offer and seek better terms, please feel free to contact Attorney Michael Brown of DVG Law Partner , free of charge, at or 920-757-2488.  

DVG and Attorney Brown have successfully helped workers with severance and settlement negotiations, in some instances helping them receive multi-fold increases from their initial offers and six- and seven- figure payments.  DVG, based in Wisconsin, has helped workers across the U.S. (If you are considering whether an attorney you hire should be local, this blog post discusses that issue).

If you contact Attorney Brown, he would evaluate your situation and explain if there is legal leverage to improve upon the severance offer and/or to consider litigation.  If strong legal rights exist, he would offer to assist with negotiations, and would propose one or more legal fee options.  He would also discuss potential options and outcomes if the issues were litigated, as potential litigation rights and outcomes are important factors to consider during severance negotiations. However, you need not commit to litigation or have it be your preference; most severance negotiations result in an improved agreement rather than litigation.

DVG offers value-based fee arrangements, including contingency and reduced- fee options that minimize or eliminate out-of-pocket fees.  Any contingency percentage/fee is taken only from the additional severance value we help workers receive from the employer in negotiations; the original offered amount is not subject to any contingency or offset.  DVG’s goal is to help put clients in a far better financial position than before our involvement. DVG’s value-based fee options and bearing of financial risk demonstrate our commitment to that goal. 

Additional Information: Blog and Video 

DVG provides free information about severance rights in our blog Also, in the video below, Attorney Brown discusses general factors (although not legal advice) to consider when presented a severance agreement.

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You, of course, make the decisions about what final severance offer is ultimately acceptable, and if you want to litigate your matter or not.  Regardless, if you retain DVG, your opponent will know it faces a credible prospect of litigation if negotiations fail.  DVG Attorney Michael Brown has received strong professional ratings as a litigator.  He has represented clients in high-stakes employment litigation, including these example cases, and his cases have received coverage from major media publications.

To learn more, please contact Attorney Brown at or 920-757-2488.

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